Zoltan Somogyvari’s seminar

I would like to invite you to the talk of Zoltan Somogyvari at KOKI lecture room at 10 am on 2 March.

Zoltan has a background in physics and he has contributed to the ways we can look at our electrophysiology data with unusual insight on multiple occasions.

The title and abstract of his talk:

Quest for the input: Spatio-temporal synaptic input current reconstruction based on multi-electrode array measurements

A large amount of information has been accumulated about the properties of individual synapses in the recent years. On the contrary, the full input current patterns, resulting from the summation of the huge number of individual synaptic inputs on a whole neuron are almost entirely unknown. The main reason of this large gap in our knowledge is the lack of a proper technique for measuring spatio-temporal inputs patterns on single neurons in freely behaving animals. We show a set of new mathematical methods, which are able to reveal the input current source patterns on single neurons and populations based on extracellular potential measurements by multi-electrode arrays chronically implanted into the cortex. Furthermore, a new method will be presented to reconstruct the full spatial and temporal patterns of membrane potential and synaptic currents on whole individual neurons based on parallel multi-channel extracellular and one channel intracellular recordings in vitro. The laminar distribution, temporal dynamics and causal relations of input patterns in the hippocampus will be determined during active spatial navigation, theta and sharp wave-ripple oscillations.

All are welcome.