Visit and talk of Csaba Földy

Dr. Csaba Földy, assistant professor of Laboratory of Neural Connectivity (University of Zürich, Brain Research Institute) visited our lab and gave a talk in the IEM HAS, entitled ‘Cell Adhesion Molecules at the Intersection of Cell Type Identity and Circuit Connectivity:From Neurexin Isoforms to OLM Identity‘.


Cell adhesion molecules (CAMs) play critical roles in neural circuit assembly and are frequently associated with neurodevelopmental and psychiatric disorders. Because hundreds of CAMs exist in the brain, their functional analysis has been challenging. Single-cell RNAseq, gene isoform-specific, and synapse-specific analyses are now breaking barriers. In this talk, I focus on the ontogenetic stability of neurexin isoforms and how this led to insights into the origin of hippocampal OLM cells.

After the seminar, Csaba had meetings with group leaders is the IEM and a great lunch with 10 students and postdocs.