Visit and talk of David Dupret

David Dupret from University of Oxford gave a seminar talk at 3 May 9:30 am in KOKI Lecture Room, entitled ‘Circuit dynamics of a memory representation within the hippocampus, and beyond‘.


Hippocampal neuronal activity, described in terms of spatio-temporally organised spike discharge and rhythmic fluctuations of the local field potentials, supports information processing with relevance to memory. In this talk, I will discuss recent findings supporting the idea that spectral components nested in individual cycles of the theta-band (4–12Hz) oscillations report transient hippocampal operating modes with complementary mnemonic roles. I will then present novel work that uncover a circuit motif embedded in the nucleus accumbens that enables the behavioural readout of a hippocampal memory representation. I will conclude by sharing ongoing investigations describing cross-structural organisation of spike discharge related to brain-wide assemblies for effective appetitive behaviour. Altogether, these data further highlight how fine-grained neural dynamics in the hippocampus and connected circuits promote memory-guided behaviour.
David and his colleague, Vítor Lopes dos Santos had the traditional lunch with the students and meetings with co-workers of the KOKI. Thanks to them for the talk and the conversations!